Why Choose Meal Prep from Us?

Whether you just need an alternative to the same boring lunch and dinner options available to you, or you just want to ensure that you eat a fresh balanced meal, every meal time – we have a solution for you!

Choose a Meal Plan based on the number of meals per day you eat and how many days per week you would need them. This alleviates the need to think about what you need to cook for the whole week. On meal plans we have the “Regular” meal size, which is our average size portion, suitable for lunch or an evening meal. The “Large” portion sizes are for people with larger appetites or who are looking to gain weight or muscle.

For any couples or co-workers wanting to eat healthy together, we also have an option to order and share a Meal for Two.

You can even customise bespoke meals in our unique, online Build Your Own Meal section. This is ideal should you want to substitute an ingredient that you do not like or have an allergy to.

If you follow strict Macros you can use our specially designed Macro Specific ordering page. In this section, you can build your own “MacroMeal” and control “exactly” how much food you consume based on cooked weights.

If you would like to order meals based on your Dietary preferences, you can do so from our Dietary Type Meals section on the menu bar. Here you are able to order as many meals as required.

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